KeyShot 9 New Feature Scenes

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KeyShot 9 New Feature Scenes

Oxfjord Academy
96 ratings

In this course, Magnus Skogsfjord and Esben Oxholm takes you through the most exciting features of KeyShot 9, including the fuzz geometry node, the RealCloth shader, the generic material, the custom animation ease curves and more. They’ll teach you how to use these features through a bunch of hands-on practical video tutorials that will equip you with the needed knowledge to work with the features in your own projects. Each video comes with all needed scene files in a KeyShot KSP package that lets you explore all the details. 

The course includes:

  • 3h 42m of detailed step by step video tutorials with voice-over in English.
  • 11 different scenes covered in 15 videos.
  • KSP project files.
  • Access to the Oxfjord Alumni group on Facebook.


  • KeyShot 9 Pro
  • A basic understanding of KeyShot. This playlist will give you a basic starting point.

Optional (3rd party software used for some of the chapters, but are not required to be able to follow along):

  • Houdini 18
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Substance Painter
  • MoI

Course content:

Chapter 1.1: Course Introduction

Chapter 2.1: Fuzz Flag quick setup
Chapter 2.2: Fuzz Flag full scene setup
Chapter 2.3: Bonus: How to simulate a flag in Houdini 18
Chapter 2.4: Toothbrush
Chapter 2.5: Decanter

Chapter 3.1: Real-cloth, from CAD to soft fabric
Chapter 3.2: Bonus: CAD to Marvelous Designer to KeyShot
Chapter 3.3: Scarf
Chapter 3.4: Tea-strainer

Chapter 4.1: Bonus: Anisotropy explained
Chapter 4.2: Generic Carbon Fiber
Chapter 4.3: Generic Polyester
Chapter 4.4: Substance Painter output/import

Chapter 5.1: Custom Animation Ease Curves

Chapter 6.1: Contour Procedural Texture

The course is currently NOT covering:

  • GPU rendering mode
  • Browzwear VStitcher Plugin
  • X-Rite AxF 1.6
  • Vizoo U3M Support
  • Configurator improvements
  • Improved STL Color Texture Export
  • Web Configurator
  • Network Rendering improvements

About the instructors

Magnus and Esben are both long-time users of KeyShot and use it daily to create visuals for companies across the globe including Logitech, Bang&Olufsen, Fender, Yousician, Remarkable and many more. Learn more about their work at www.esbenoxholm.dk and www.miror.no

If you haven’t learned a single thing from the course, we have a 14-day money-back guaranty. Just write us an e-mail at info@oxfjord.xyz explaining what you had expected to learn from the course and we’ll refund your payment.

I want this!

You'll get 3h 42m of detailed step by step video tutorials with voice-over in English. 11 different scenes covered in 15 videos. KeyShot Package Files for all projects.


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